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Moto-Crete.gr is a website dedicated to Crete and especially on how to explore the island by Riding motorcycle.

The basic idea is to provide useful information for motorcyclists or other people who live or visit Crete, on various topics such as scenic routes, interesting places, rustic villages and remote beaches, suggestions for accommodation, camping information, condition of roads, experiences, how to come on Crete with own motorcycle or where to rent etc.

Of course all these kind of information can be contributed by all users who wish to share their experiences with texts, reviews, photos, video and route maps.

Aim of Moto-Crete.gr is not to compete with other known motorcycle forums on Internet or not to replace the printed media (travel guides, maps). It is based on all users who want to contribute their experiences in Crete in order to benefit others that will likely go through the same routes and places or just want to get ideas about where to go, what routes to drive, where to stay, where to eat, what to avoid etc.

Of course Moto-Crete.gr is not directed only to motorcyclists but also to all who want to explore Crete island.

For comments or questions about Moto-Crete.gr, you can send email to [email protected].

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